Charity Work and Support for Local Communities

How Charity Work is Structured

Since the day it was organized, ALROSA has been a strong advocate of charity, seeking a comfortable social environment for growing numbers of people. Our work in social investments has been focused on providing targeted support to children’s institutions, cultural and sports facilities, as well as the academic community, education and public health. 

Financial Support and Sponsorship Programme

The social Programme of Financial Support and Sponsorship is aimed at providing targeted financial support to and sponsorship of socially important non-profit projects. These activities are managed by a corporate collegial body, the Commission for Financial Support, Patronage and Sponsorship, which reviews requests for help from individuals and legal entities on a monthly basis.

In 2011, the company continued with its tradition of charity work, providing a meaningful assistance to a series of social, cultural and sports projects of regional and national importance.

Twenty-five Aikhal children from large and low-income families received a great gift from Aikhal MDP of ALROSA – a trip to St Petersburg. The children spent the New Year’s holidays there, going sightseeing and visiting historical and cultural monuments of the Northern Capital of Russia. 

Strategic Areas in ALROSA Charity Work in 2012


Science and Education

Culture, Arts, Sports

Environmental Protection, Social Infrastructure, Non-Profit Associations and Projects 

The company’s patronage (corporate assistance ) of specialized children’s institutions: Vilyui, Verkhevilyuisk, and Toibokhoi orphanages, a family and childhood rehabilitation centre in Mirny, a rehabilitation centre in Lensk, the Edelweiss centre of psychological assistance to children with addictive behaviour, a children’s art school in Mirny, a home for children’s creativity in Aikhal, and sports schools in Mirny and Lensk; 

Company’s patronage of children’s educational establishments (schools, kindergartens) in Mirny, Udachny, Aikhal, Syuldyukar, Taas-Yuryakh, Kempendyai, Zhigansk, Boulun; New Year’s gifts & presents for children from the above schools; 

Purchase of equipment for the St Innokenty, Metropolitan of Moscow and Orthodox Gymnasium in Mirny; 

Participation in the Programme Mirny District – Benevolent to Children; 

Vouchers for children from Western Yakutia for trips to the ALROSA children’s rehabilitation and recreation camps. 

Contribution to the Endowment of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology; 

Contribution to endowments and endowment management funds of the North-Eastern, North Arctic and St. Petersburg Federal Universities; 

Company’s patronage of Russia’s Big Literature Prize that was co-founded by the Russian Union of Writers and OJSC ALROSA in 2000; Payment of cash awards to prize winners;

Construction of an orthodox church in Vilyuisk;

Restoration of bell-tower at the Tikhvin Icon of the Mother of God in Moscow;

Financing of the Touoi-Khaya regional pop music festival;  

General sponsorship and holding of the Fifth Deti Azii (Children of Asia) International Games. 

Sponsorship of Living Diamonds of Yakutia National Park;

Sponsorship of a non-profit association, Professional Ice Hockey Club of the Ministry of Interior;

Pavement and repair of roads in Mirny, Udachny, Lensk, and Aikhal;

Assistance to the ALROSA veteran workers’ associations in eleven cities and towns of Russia; 

Sponsorship of the ALROSA submarine, Black Sea Fleet; Construction of a hostel of the Mining Technology College in Khandyga, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia);

Purchase of medical equipment of the children’s service of the Mirny Central District Hospital. 



Support to Local Communities

Within the framework of ALROSA’s restructuring into an open joint stock company, the company declared its intent to continue with its social obligations within the main region of its operation. In March 2011, the parties detailed the key terms and conditions of cooperation between the Government of the Republic and ALROSA in and signed the Agreement for Social and Economic Development of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) up to December 31, 2020.

In addition to significant contributions of the budgets of different levels, ALROSA pays special attention to the implementation of its major obligations for the economic and social situation in the region, as well as job creation and employment, higher standards and quality of life of the residents of the districts of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

Regional Development Programme 

The Regional Development Programme covers nine districts of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), including the Mirny, Verkhevilyuisk, Olenyok, Anabar, Suntar, Vilyuisk, Lensk and Nyurba districts. All these districts have agreements on mutual cooperation with ALROSA until 2012. 

By providing financial assistance to the districts or uluses of Western Yakutia in maintaining their agriculture and the traditional way of life and organizing charity actions for the children of the uluses its sponsors, the company helps to maintain the employment of local residents and their higher income, thus making a significant contribution to the improved overall social stability of the entire diamond mining region.

Our social investments under Programme in 2012 came to RUB 74 million and were aimed at:

  • organizing children’s leisure and recreation;
  • transfer of children to holiday destinations;
  • New Year's presents for children;
  • funding the Ysyakh event;
  • purchasing equipment for processing agricultural produce;
  • purchasing medical and philharmonic equipment, and construction materials for uluses.

In order to help local rural residents (in the Arylakh, Syuldyukar and Taas Yuryakh villages), the company operates the diversified Sovkhoz Novy farm. The farm’s core business is production and supply of organic ‘live’ milk, eggs and meat that are served to the company employees as part of the compensation for hard and hazardous working conditions, and also delivered to kindergartens and schools, as well as sold to the residents of the district.

Subdivisions and subsidiaries of the company also operate in the territory of the Sadynsk ethnic agricultural community of Mirny District and Anabar ulus populated by the Dolgans, Evenks and other indigenous people of the North.

There are 17 ethnic communities in the Mirny District. Most of them are included in the Mirny Branch of the Assembly of Indigenous People of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

ALROSA traditionally pays much attention to such areas of its social policy as support of family groups and local communities of reindeer herders and fishermen, supporting them financially in pursuing agricultural efforts and fishing and preserving their traditional way of life, and charity events for children. The company’s involvement in organizing the annual reindeer herders’ event has become a respected tradition. 

Support of Veteran Workers

Concern for veteran workers and support of former ALROSA employees, who were awarded the honorary title of Veteran Worker of ALROSA and/or who participate in the ALROSA private pension plan, is an important area of the company’s social activity.

There are public associations for ALROSA veteran workers in eleven cities in Russia, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Orel, Yakutsk, Lensk, Irkutsk, Lipetsk, Voronezh, Novosibirsk, Belgorod, and Ivanovo.

Support for veteran workers is regulated by the Corporate Regulations on Engagement with Public Association of ALROSA Veteran Workers, which defines financial and other support mechanisms aimed at: 

  • raising social activity of veteran workers and enhancing their community service and involvement in social events;
  • assisting veteran workers in protecting their rights and legitimate interests in social protection offices and pension funds, and other state bodies;  
  • jointly resolving different social issues and concerns that may arise at veteran workers’ places of residence;
  • providing financial assistance, as well as moral and psychological support, to veteran workers who need medical examination, hospitalization or rehabilitation treatment at health resort facilities; 
  • organizing support of veteran workers who may find themselves in constrained conditions and extreme circumstances; 
  • advancing the involvement of veteran workers in the activities aimed embedding the corporate culture in the minds and behaviour of the company’s young employees.

The company has taken on a voluntary obligation to create the most favourable conditions for the activities of the veteran workers’ associations and assist them with premises, transportation and office supplies.

In addition, the company holds an annual meeting with veteran workers of the diamond industry to keep them aware of the production goals and ALROSA’s economic situation, as well as to ensure their active participation in social events of the company.

Another positive tradition has been the organization of sightseeing trips for veteran workers of the diamond mining industry. In 2012, the company organized a trip to ancient Russian towns of Vladimir, Murom, and Develop. A total of 120 ALROSA veteran workers from different places in Russia took part in this trip.

In order to instil respect for labour and the history of ALROSA, the company organizes annual roundtable discussions and meetings of veteran workers of the diamond mining industry with young employees, university students, and company grant-holders. The events are dedicated to the origin and development of the diamond mining industry.